Health and Medical Product
Health and Medical Product Manufacturers

Smartie Soleniod Valve with Two-way Normal Close Type for Perfume Bottle or Sprayer

Health and Medical Product Manufacturers

Standard Open Air Valve for Massage Chair and Bed with 4.0 to 6.0V DC Rated Voltage
Health and Medical Product Manufacturers

Water Valve Solenoid Coil with Maximum Operating Pressure of 150psi
Home Product
Home Product Manufacturers

Gas Water Heater Valve with 3V DC Rated Voltage
  Home Product Manufacturers

5/2-way Solenoid Air Valve for Coffe or Steam Machines with 100% Duty Cycle
Motorcycle Fitting Accessories
OEM Vacuum Switch Manufacturers

OEM Vacuum Switch, a Motorcycle Fitting Accessory
Precision Turned Parts
Precision CNC-Lathed Metal Products Manufacturers
Precision CNC-Lathed Metal Products
A Wide Range of Precision CNC-Lathed Metal Products - Lathed Products
Pressure Switches
1 to 5 PSI Oil Pressure Switch Manufacturers

1 to 5 PSI Oil Pressure Switch
Solenoid Coils
Flapper Solenoid Coil Manufacturers

Flapper Solenoid Coil for Releasing a Cam, Coin Machine or Similar Mechanisms
  Power-Saving Solenoid Manufacturers

Power-Saving Solenoid with Permanent Magnet on Magnetic Circuit
Magnet Solenoid Manufacturers

Magnet Solenoid for Use in Cameras, Cellphones, Stereos and Other Portable Devices
  DC/AC Pull/Push Type Open Frame Solenoid Manufacturers

DC/AC Pull/Push Type Open Frame Solenoid
Open Frame Solenoid Manufacturers

Open Frame Solenoid for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Ejection Tray
  Closed Coin Relay Solenoid Manufacturers

Closed Coin Relay Solenoid, A-Class Rated Insulation Grade
Solenoid Manufacturers

Solenoid for Door Locker
  Door Lock Solenoid Manufacturers

Door Lock Solenoid with Coil Resistance of 1.31 Ohms (+/-5%)
Valve Solenoid Coils Manufacturers

Valve Solenoid Coils for Medical Appliances, Therapy Mattress
  Space-Saving Manufacturers

Space-Saving, Low Profile Configurated Solenoid Coil - Pull/Push Solenoid
Solenoid Coil Manufacturers

Tubular Solenoid for Keyboard Tester with 48V DC Rated Voltage, ODM Orders are Welcome
  Tubular Solenoid Manufacturers

Tubular Solenoid for Business Machines and Gate Releasers